Whaam introduces new feature: "Shuffle"

Blog post   •   Dec 18, 2012 05:11 EST

A new feature has been released on WhaamSHUFFLE.

Shuffle is our new way of exploring even faster than before. With only one click you will be able to jump right in to a random list and start exploring. It gives the user a much faster exposure to new content and helps at the same time exploring more of what Whaam has to offer. The Shuffle-button is meant to not only give the user more content but to in some ways introduce the user to others. If you like a users linklist the possibility is quite high you might like another linklist that the user has. 

The landing page has also been modified to give the first time visitor a greater glimpse and understanding of what Whaam is. Have a look!

There has also been some modifications of the starting page. We decided to make room for some more content on the first page by adding more featured linklists. Now, it is more balanced and gives the user even more to check out. 


Whaam Team