What Advantages Sales Team can Obtain from Using CPQ Software

Blog post   •   Jan 09, 2018 07:50 EST

Spend More Time on Selling

Increased selling time is one of the biggest advantages of using CPQsolution. No longer you have to spend hours or even days to configure and quote complex products. Quote creation time dramatically reduces when you are using this software tool. Without taking the help of product experts, you can generate complex quotations effortlessly and accurately, and focus more on gaining customers and earning more revenue.

Close Deals Faster

When are using CPQ software, latest pricing information is just a few clicks away. The tool has its own approval workflow engine, which ensures that your create quotes with absolutely no error. Hence, minimum amount of time is spent on reworking quote requests, thereby enabling you to close deals faster. Irrespective of the complexity of the quote, you are able to close deals quickly.

You Gain Competitive Edge

No matter what your quoting requirement or pricing strategy is, you can create quotes with great speed and accuracy. For instance, it automatically offers discounts or any other pricing strategy that you have assigned to the customer at the time of creating quotes Moreover, the software tool is responsive, which means you can use any device for creating quotes. You can create some of the most complex quotes on the go, thereby giving a distinct advantage over your competitors who are not using Configure price quote software.

Maximize Sales

CPQ tools have built-in upsell/cross-sell tools, which gives you the opportunity to increase order size. For instance, while you are creating a quote, it automatically applies relevant up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. All this helps not only in promoting related products but also plays a crucial role in boosting profits. In fact, studies have shown that relevant upsells can play a crucial role in increasing revenue by as much as 10-30%.