What is Guided Selling Feature in CPQ?

Blog post   •   Feb 13, 2017 07:27 EST

As you know, bottlenecks in creating quotes arise when the products to be added are complex. Customer requirements demand creation of bundles or new product configurations. In such circumstances, you can either waste hours by creating quotes manually or prefer to use Configure Price QuoteSoftware to complete the process in minutes.

Creating a quote of complex products, can be a daunting task but the guided selling feature in this Sales Quoting Softwaremakes things simpler. When required to create a quote that involves a combination of products and services, you don’t have to browse through the complex catalog in order to create a configuration.

While you are preparing a quote, the feature asks a set of questions in order to understand requirements of the customer. The questions help the system to narrow down the choices. According to your input, the system pulls the product from the catalog that best fits your needs. The feature literally guides you in creating an accurate combination of complex products.

Another important aspect of guided selling feature is that it allows you to compare products. This will enable you to analyze and decide which products are most appropriate to meet customer requirements.

Guided selling feature is a boon for sales reps who are novice in creating complex configurations. With this feature, their performance can match with seasoned experts. As a result, the productivity of your sales team can improve dramatically. The feature also automatically recommends upsell and cross-sell opportunities, while you are creating a quote. This will not only increase order size but also provide higher profit margins.

On the whole, if you want to streamline and simplify your complex quoting process, it is necessary that you use a Configure Price Quote Solutionthat comes with a built-in guided selling feature. Also since the software tool integrates well with your existing business systems like ecommerce, ERP and CRM systems, incorporating it into your business will not be an issue.