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Which is the Appropriate Sales Quoting Software for VARS

Blog post   •   Aug 15, 2017 11:33 EDT

As we all know, quoting is an important part of sales process for VARS. VARS need to have quick access to updated product pricing and availability coming from multiple distributors so that it becomes easier to create quotes. Keeping this in mind, VARS need to choose a quoting software that comes with built-in catalog management functionality. This eliminates the need for a separate software tool to handle distributor catalogs.

The built-in catalog management feature allows VARS to connect distributor catalogs with their sales quoting tool. The feature combines catalog content coming from different distributors to create one unified catalog in a well-structured format. Viewing this catalog from within quoting tool allows VARS to know which distributor is selling which product and at what price. VARS can even compare products coming from each distributor and then choose an appropriate product to get higher margins.

For instance, as a VAR, you might have partnership with Avnet and Supplies Network distributor. The built-in catalog management tool supports real time Supplies Network integration. The tool aggregates product data from both these distributors to form a single catalog that is easy to understand and access. Moreover this Aggregated product cataloghas XML integration with your quoting software. This means, you have real time access to product information and moreover you can send purchase order electronically to the distributors. Warehouse availability as well as pricing of products can be accessed in real time, which is crucial to create accurate quotes.

The built-in catalog management module within quoting platform supports real time Avnet distributor integration. So you can view latest product data from Avnet distributor in your quoting system.

On the whole, distributor catalogs integrated with your quoting tool will allow VARS to order items electronically from multiple vendor. For instance, VARS who are Synnex distributionpartner can submit order electronically to this vendor.