Why Madden NFL 20 is The Best 'Madden' Game in Years?

Blog post   •   Aug 01, 2019 21:53 EDT

 Why Madden NFL 20 is The Best 'Madden' Game in Years?

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To celebrate the release of the game, the U4gm.com summarizes five reasons why this is the best Madden game in years and absolutely worth your time and investment.

No.1 Gameplay

Above all else, the gameplay is really what makes or breaks a video game franchise. For Madden, this seems to be a hit and miss thing over the years, but something they absolutely nailed for Madden NFL 20. The mechanics of the game are smooth, the animations are on point, and the gameplay is realistic, while also fluid. In the past, there were situations where the game felt bulky, but that's really not the case this year. They really nailed the gameplay.

No.2 Superstar X-Factor

The "Superstar X-Factor" feature this year is really dope. Basically, it's Madden's version of "catching fire," and it's really cool. It's an added layer to the gameplay that doesn't go over the top but recognizes that superstar players get into zones and absolutely wreak havoc.

What's really nice to see is that they don't make it that easy for a superstar to get in the zone. They make it feel like a special and unique type of thing.

No.3 Face of the Franchise

Madden FINALLY has a worthy story mode that rivals the likes of NBA 2k. "Face of the Franchise" is an absolute blast, where you go from the College Football Playoff to the NFL Draft and land on a team while trying to earn the spot as the starting QB. What I love about this new feature is that there are so many scenarios and how they can play out. Really just an awesome time.

No.4 Get to Play With NCAA Teams

If you know me, then you know I've been missing EA Sports' NCAA Football franchise for years. It's been a big void in my life that is now somewhat filled in Madden NFL 20. While it's not a full NCAA Football game, the fact that you get to play with college teams in the playoff is so much fun. Hopefully, this means that the NCAA Football franchise might actually be coming back sometime soon.

No.5 Madden 20 Rating System

In my opinion, they got the system right. They're fluid and fit well inside the game. Yes, they tend to dip a bit lower than in past years, but they did a nice job of balancing the superstars in the game.

EA Sports delivered their best Madden game in years. Yes, you read that correctly. Madden NFL 20 is great. It seems like they took all the complaints about the game from the past few years and addressed the longstanding issues.

Finally, I hope that you can enjoy the joy of the game.