Why to Use CPQ Software

Blog post   •   Aug 17, 2017 06:52 EDT

In simple words, when you want to reduce time required in complex quoting, it is advised to use a Configure price quote software. As you know, quoting a complex product is one of the biggest challenges VARs face in today’s times. With large number of components interdependent on each other, configuring a complex product manually may appear to be an impossible task.

Enormous amount of time is lost in browsing through product catalog and selecting components that are compatible. For instance, bundling products that are not compatible with each other doesn’t make any sense. Accuracy too is often compromised when creating a configuration because pricing is often based on various parameters. However, if you want to comfortably handle some of the most complex product configurations, choosing a CPQ tool is a must.

CPQ, a software product has been designed to generate error free quotes without losing substantial amount of time. The tool that comes with an intuitive user interface and gives you a list of choices that are right for designing the configuration. This means the complex product is always created as per the configuration rules established by the organization.

Another important advantage of using this software tool is that you needn’t be a product expert when designing configurations. This is because with Configure price quote solution, expert knowledge (such as pricing and product integrity) is at your fingertips. So even if you are a new sales rep, you will face absolutely no problems in putting together a complex quote. The product catalog is directly connected to the CPQ tool. So you can always find products that you are looking for, from within the quoting system.

It is recommended to choose an Online quoting systemas it allows you to create complex quotes on internet enabled devices. So any smartphone that has an Internet access can be used to quote a complex product.