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Why to Use Sales Proposal Software

Blog post   •   Apr 03, 2018 06:48 EDT

If you want your sales team to spend more time on selling and less time in preparing proposal, it is time to automate the process. Automation is the key to create proposals faster and eliminate errors associated with manual processes. A Sales proposal softwarecan help you to automate the tedious process of creating proposals. The software tool will improve efficiency by reducing cost and improving accuracy in proposal creation.

As we all know, manually creating proposals is full of risk plus no reward. Proposal software will simplify things and ensure that you spend minimum amount of time in proposal management. The software tool is being used by various sales reps working in many industries. They have found that it is truly an easy-to-use application that provides a simple solution to your time consuming activity.

The software tool enables you to present a Sales proposal in a professional format, which can foster customer engagement and increase your close rate. It is designed to save hours of time as it comes with drag-and-drop/point-and-click interface. No wonder, it takes just a few minutes to create some of the most persuasive proposals.

The tool comes with a range of beautiful proposal templates, which can help to impress clients and win more sales. It has its own template builder, which allows you to prepare attractive and interactive templates. The drag and drop functionality ensures that adding content that includes images, videos or terms and conditions (to customize the document) can be done in a matter of minutes. Also, once you create template, it can be used to create numerous documents.

Moreover, quite a few sales proposal software tools come with built-in analytics feature. Analytics enable you to know how your prospects have responded to your proposal in real time. For instance, you can find out when the document was opened, how long your prospect has spent browsing each page of your proposal.