Why to Use Sales Quoting Software?

Blog post   •   Oct 11, 2016 08:24 EDT

If you are looking for a way to create quotations with minimal manual effort, then purchasing a sales quoting software is a must. As you know, manual quoting is a tedious and time-consuming process, making it irrelevant in today’s times. With a sales quoting tool, you can transform your quoting process from tedious to downright simple. It provides a paperless, simplified and cost efficient way of generating quotations. The following blog elaborates more on some important benefits of sales quoting tool:

Benefits of Using Sales Quoting Software

Improves the Quality of Documents

Did you know that the quotations created using Excel sheets and Word documents contain a great deal of errors? Spelling mistakes, typos and errors in calculations are common when you create quotations manually. An easy way to improve quality of documents and make quotations error free is to use a sales quoting software. With the software, you are able to create quotations accurately in the most professional manner. Quotation mistakes that can create a bad impression on the customer, become a thing of the past with sales quoting tool.

You Create Quotations Easily

The software comes with a point and click interface, hence creating quotations using the sales quoting tool is a ridiculously simple job. The interface is intuitive allowing you to view all the features of the web quoting system. Such is the simplicity of the interface that it takes a few minutes to create and send quotes to the customer.

You Deliver the Quotations within the Time Window Provided

Customer satisfaction in terms of on-time delivery is crucial to win business. Considering this fact, you certainly cannot afford to disappoint your customer by not delivering the quotation on time. Manual quoting being a tedious process, there is a high probability that you will leave customer waiting for quotations. However, if you are serious about delivering your customer’s quote request in a timely manner, it is necessary to use a sales quoting tool that takes minutes to create and send quotations. Irrespective of the complexity of the quote, you are able to deliver the quote straight into your customer’s inbox in minutes.

You Send Quotations in the Desired Format

Many customers want to receive quotations in a particular format. The quoting allows you to send the quotation in a range of delivery formats. So apart from the regular document format, you can deliver the quotation in visually appealing PDF and HTML format and even as a PowerPoint presentation via email.

You Integrate with your Supplier Catalog

One of the main reasons why one can create quotations quickly with sales quoting tool is because it is directly connected to your supplier catalog. For instance, if you are doing business with 5 suppliers, the sales quoting tool can be configured to connect with the catalogs of all 5 suppliers. So while creating quotations, you have direct access to all the product details contained in the supplier catalog. Using the point and click interface you have to just choose the desired product and then add it to the quoting tool. It is that simple.