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Why to Use Web Quotation Software

Blog post   •   Jan 17, 2018 08:41 EST

Available Round the Clock

It is a known fact that sales quotation software helps in increasing the performance of a sales team. However, downloading and installing the on-premise quotation software restricts the flexibility in terms of accessing the solution. The accessibility of on-premise software is often confined within the 4 walls of the office. The restricted access can severely hamper the productivity of your sales team.

An easy way to overcome this issue is to use a Web quotation softwarethat will require only an Internet connection for accessibility. Using a cloud-based tool means the software is available round the clock. It gives unprecedented flexibility as far as accessing the tool is concerned.

Manage Quotes from Anywhere

As long as you have Internet connection, you can create quotes whenever and wherever you like. So whether you are inside your house, on-the-go or any other remote location, it is possible to manage quotes effortlessly. This unprecedented flexibility can work wonders for your sales team. It can lead to dramatic improvement in the productivity of your team. You gain a whole new level of flexibility, which will enable you to create higher number of quotes.

Respond Quickly

Your response time to RFQs from customer dramatically reduces. No longer depending on office infrastructure for managing quotes.Online sales quoting tool allows you to respond immediately irrespective of your current location. The customer too can confirm the quote online and send it immediately. The exchange of information between cloud users is convenient and efficient.

Use Mobile Devices for Quote Creation

These web quoting tools have their own mobile apps. Hence you can access the software through your smartphones and create some of the most professional and attractive quotes. All your quoting related information is stored in the Cloud. You have to just login from any device to view and edit content. This anytime, anywhere availability of web quoting tools help in speeding up the sales cycle and increase revenue.