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Why You Should Choose Lumineers

Blog post   •   Nov 05, 2019 07:53 EST

Do you often hide your smile because of issues, for example, damaged teeth, gapped teeth, abnormal tooth or even stained teeth?

Westlake family dental care offers different ways of improving your dental appearance and lumineers is one of them. They are ultra-slim and solid translucent shells, which look simply like natural tooth enamel. They are made with porcelain, which is formed into the shell to custom fit your teeth and improve your smile. In lumineers vs veneers reviews, Lumineers are a lot more slender than veneer, which means no or insignificant tooth decrease is required.

At Austin Dental Care we are glad to offer lumineers for our patients that are keen on covering their dental flaws and improving the appearance of their smile. Lumineers can improve the shading, shape, size and even position of your smile.

Why Choose Lumineers?

  • To Brighten Your Smile

Does your smile experience the ill effects of recolored, dulled or stained teeth? Teeth whitening is one choice for accomplishing a more white smile, be that as it may, with lumineers, you can accomplish a more splendid smile that will keep going forever.

  • Reestablish Damaged Teeth

Do you have chipped, split or even cracked teeth in your smile? With lumineers we can totally disguise any of your damaged teeth, replacing them with a fresh new smile that has been intended to look immaculate.

  • Wipeout Gaps

Do you have holes or undesirable spaces between your teeth? Lumineers can even help with that, totally covering your blemished smile and replacing it with another, brilliant, flawlessly dispersed one.

  • Adjust Crooked Teeth

Wishing there was a brisk and successful approach to hide slanted or bent teeth? With lumineers, you can! Lumineers are a great choice that is put simply over your normal teeth, enabling your smile to be totally replaced.

  • Reshape Teeth

Do you have uneven or distorted teeth that ruin the appearance of your smile? Lumineers are a great alternative for hiding essentially any flaw, including teeth that should be reshaped.

  • Immaculate Your Smile

Thinking about how the film stars get such impeccable smiles? With Westlake family dental care! With lumineers, anybody can accomplish that ideal, Hollywood smile in only a couple of arrangements.

What is the Lumineers Teeth Cost?

By and large, lumineers vs veneers cost varies in the range of $800 and $2,000 per tooth, contingent upon individual cases and needs. Factors that will impact the expense of treatment are case difficulty, size, geology, and that's only a few. Only your Westlake family dental care can genuinely decide the expense of your case depending on your particular needs.

Get Lumineers in Austin, TX Today

Prepared to hide your dental flaws and improve your smile? Contact Austin Dental Care to plan your consultation, we'd gladly assess your smile to decide if lumineers are the correct alternative for improving your smile.

We provide lumineers for all kinds of patient needs. With the latest technology and superior standard of services, our dentists restore your smile to the one you’ve always wanted.