The joys of open water swimming

Blog posts   •   May 22, 2018 04:12 EDT

A great sense of freedom can come from swimming in the sea. Bluewater swim champ Adam Paulsson explains how he loves the unique challenge of open-water swims in oceans, lakes and rivers. (Photo: Magnus Peterson)


Lyckan att simma i öppet hav

Blog posts   •   May 26, 2018 04:58 EDT

Det är något speciellt med att simma i öppet vatten. Det ger en kansla av frihet, fast det kräver en annan styrka, säger Adam Paulsson.


At Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit in Newport, RI, Bluewater joins with 11th Hour Racing to open doors to drinking water innovation

Press Releases   •   May 19, 2018 18:25 EDT

Global challenge issued to innovators to put forward their untapped ideas to help solve the emerging urban drinking water crisis in fast growing megacities.


Bluewater helps Cape Town soccer finals to save water and single-use plastics

Press Releases   •   May 16, 2018 17:22 EDT

Nedbank Green Affinity Trust has partnered with Bluewater – a world-leader in water purification technologies – to offer a fun activation at the upcoming Nedbank Cup Final between Maritzburg United and Free State Stars in Cape Town, South Africa.


Fresh Water Ahead As Volvo Ocean Race And Bluewater Sail Into Newport, Rhode Island

Press Releases   •   May 11, 2018 09:11 EDT

Rhode Islanders are welcoming the Volvo Ocean Race for a three week stop-over sailing extravaganza in Newport from May 8 – 20 as part of the round-the-world race, billed as the ‘Everest’ of yacht racing. Visitors to the Race Village also get to try free drinking water as pure as nature intended from Sweden's Bluewater, which is on a global mission to remove the need for single-use plastic bottles.


Water: Making the Difference Between Success or Failure in a Dragon Boat Race

News   •   May 10, 2018 07:14 EDT

Dragon boat racing is a high-intensity, calorie burning sport that demands near super-human powers of endurance. A strong performance requires well fuelled and hydrated muscles, so why not ensure the water you are drinking as as pure as nature intended, says Bluewater, a world leading provider of drinking water solutions.


More Action, Less Words Sustainability Call By Bluewater, Announces US$1M Challenge For Drinking Water Innovation

Press Releases   •   May 02, 2018 11:12 EDT

Drinking water advocacy brand Bluewater call for more action, not more words at European sustainability in sport forum, announces US$1 million global urban water scarcity innovation challenge award.


Bluewater attends Innovate4Water Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, steps up Africa expansion

Press Releases   •   Apr 26, 2018 07:07 EDT

Bluewater to promote newly-launched one-million-dollar urban drinking water challenge to entrepreneurs across Africa.


Bluewater Champions Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Outlines Season of Action

Press Releases   •   Apr 20, 2018 13:21 EDT

Water advocacy brand seeks to mobilize communities showing heightened awareness of water pollution, micro- and single-use-plastics


Drugs swamping world's rivers, say researchers

News   •   Apr 12, 2018 05:27 EDT

Scientists told conference goers at the European Geosciences Union gathering in Vienna that the world's rivers are are rapidly becoming clogged by clogged by prescription drug waste.

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