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Most resin or "gum" varnishes consist of a natural, plant- or insect-derived substance dissolved in a solvent, called spirit varnish or solvent varnish. The solvent may be alcohol, turpentine, or petroleum-based. Some resins are soluble in both alcohol and turpentine. Generally, petroleum solvents, i.e. mineral spirits or paint thinner, can substitute for turpentine. The resins include amber, dammar, copal, rosin, sandarac, elemi, benzoin, mastic, balsam, shellac, and a multitude of lacquers.

Synthetic resins such as phenolic resin may be employed as a secondary component in certain varnishes and paints.

Over centuries, many recipes were developed which involved the combination of resins, oils, and other ingredients such as certain waxes. These were believed to impart special tonal qualities to musical instruments and thus were sometimes carefully guarded secrets. The interaction of different ingredients is difficult to predict or reproduce, so expert finishers were often prized professionals.

We have several spots from various spills/etc on our floor. Will they come out?

There are many factors when it comes to our process, to determine what will or won't come out. These include the type of wood, how much urethane is on it, or for that matter, what other chemicals are on it, and what type of stain it is. We are always completely honest when we come to service your floors. We will tell you the stains we know will come out, point out the ones that might, and show you the ones that may be up in the air. Every floor and condition is unique, but we will try our best to get your floors even looking W