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Firming Agents Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2015-2025

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2016 02:53 EST

Food and beverages additives are those substances which are added in order to preserve food and beverages products, enhance flavor, taste, nutritional value and appearance of the final product. The different types of food additives include flavor enhancer, firming agents, preservatives, enzymes, fat replacers, colorants, emulsifiers and others. Firming agents are those food additives which primarily prevent softening of processed fruits, vegetables, or fish product, especially during the process of canning. These also provides firmness to the curd and to certain types of cheese. Increasing demand of canned food products across the globe is expected to contribute to the demand for firming agents during the forecast period.

Firming Agents Market Segmentation

Firming agents market is segmented on the basis of application which includes canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat and fish products, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen meat and fish products, pickles and cheese. Among all the above segments canned fruits and vegetables is expected to occupy the major position on the pie followed by canned meat and fish products. Increased consumption of canned sea food products such tuna, shrimp, lobsters, salmon, crab meat and others is expected to support the demand for firming agents in canned meat and fish products over next five to six years.

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Firming agents market is also segmented on the basis of types which includes aluminum sulphate, ammonium aluminum sulphate, calcium chloride, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, calcium phosphate (dibasic), calcium phosphate (monobasic), calcium sulphate, potassium aluminum sulphate and sodium aluminum sulphate. Among all the above segments calcium chloride is expected to account for the major market share. As a firming agents calcium chloride possess wide application especially in canned fruits and canned seafood product which is expected to support its growth in the near future. Moreover, calcium phosphate (monobasic) is predicted to show a substantial growth in firming agents market followed by calcium citrate during the forecast period.

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On the basis of geography, North America is predicted to be dominant in terms of revenue contribution in firming agents market followed by Europe. In North America the US expected to occupy the highest position on the pie in firming agents market followed by Canada. In Europe, countries such as Germany and France are predicted to accounts for the largest market share followed by United Kingdom. Whereas, Asia pacific is concerned it is expected to register a healthy growth by 2020. In Asia pacific region China is expected to be the most dominant market for firming agents followed by Japan. Rising disposable income, has led the consumer inclination towards more canned fruits and vegetables, which is expected to support the growth of firming agents market across Asia Pacific region.

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Firming Agents Market Drivers and Restraints

Rising demand for canned fruits and vegetables and canned seafood products primarily in developing regions is expected to support the growth of firming agents during the forecast period. Moreover, increased demand of those fruits and vegetables which are less available throughout the year is also expected to witness a robust growth in firming agents market in the near future. However, firming agent is not applicable in varieties of food application, which may hinder its growth during the forecast period.  

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