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Google vs Facebook: Privacy and Security (an Infographic!)

Blog post   •   Nov 11, 2011 04:57 EST

Communicators have seen a veritable bumper crop of infographics flash across their screens this year. And yes, there is a risk that you might bemoan yet another one about Google versus Facebook. But we’ve come across one recently that deals with an issue other than user stats, functionality, or even employee perks.

Google vs Facebook - click the image to view full size


Both Google and Facebook (though mostly Facebook) have been subject to some criticism regarding user privacy and security policies. But how different are they from one another? Is one “safer” than the other when it comes to personal data protection issues? The infographic posted here analyzes these toughest of competitors on this front and determines which of them handles these issues better.

Spoiler alert!
Sorry to those that like surprises, but let’s get the results out straight away. The infographic concludes that Google wins the privacy and security bout.

However, keep in mind that the real winner can only be determined by the number of active users each has. Therefore, the real question is: will the personal data protection issue compel Facebook users to migrate to Google Plus?

The answer? Maybe. But on the other hand, it might not be that important to users. The thing is, it looks like Google Plus’ momentum is already slipping and Facebook is still sitting pretty comfortably atop the social media throne.

But all of that may change with the advent of Google Plus “Pages”. Stay tuned for our assessment of this new feature and how it will affect your work as a marketer and communicator!


Click on the infographic below to see the full sized image.

An infograpic by Veracode

Post was originally published at The Mynewsdesk Blog