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Mynewsday – a day dedicated to engagement in digital and social channels

Blog post   •   Oct 06, 2011 09:57 EDT

When the spring sun was at its brightest, we decided on a day to lighten up the inevitable autumn. A whole day, dedicated to engagement in digital and social channels. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Factor in some time for just plain old socialising, the chance to mingle and exchange ideas and best practice. That was what Mynewsdesk Sweden set out to create, and the result is Mynewsday.

We enlisted some great people: Joanne Jacobs will be talking about influencers in a talk with the title ” Interest is a Skill: Solving Problems with Influencers”. PR pro Adam Vincenzini tackles YouTube under the heading ”Brand activity on YouTube: learning from the best and worst”. Add to that a presentation on PR, marketing and communication trends for 2012 and one on the new and coming features of the Mynewsdesk publishing platform. We’ve also added a special guest in the form of Anna Ålenius Mathson, International PR Manager at Projectplace. Projectplace won the Mynewsdesk award for Best International News Room in 2010, and she’s appearing at Mynewsday to talk about international PR

Mynewsday will take place over three days, in three different cities: Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, from October 12-14th.  The event is fully booked, so even if you’re contemplating a trip to Sweden we have to say no. Unfortunately there’s no room for you. However, if you do understand Swedish (and if you don’t – remember there’s always Google Translate!), there’s lots more information in the Mynewsday newsroom. You're more than welcome to check it out! And we promise, we’ll be back with some more information soon.