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Mynewsdesk Developers Win at 24 Hour Business Camp

Blog post   •   Nov 02, 2011 09:03 EDT

Congratulations to Ingemar Edsborn, Jonas Forsberg, and Jonny Strömberg!

What happens when you lock in some of Sweden’s most innovative web developers for 24 hours and let them compete against each other to come up with the best business idea? Well, developers from Mynewsdesk will emerge victorious, of course.

24 Hour Business Camp is a workshop where the cream of Sweden’s innovative web developing crop are given the opportunity to brainstorm, pitch, and produce new web services and tools. Of the 150 applicants, about 30 ideas were chosen to participate in the annual 24-hour competition, which is running for a third straight year.

At noon on Monday 31 October, the gong at Hasseludden Yasuragi sounded and the contest ensued. Exactly 24 intensive hours later, web designer Jonny Strömberg, and web developers Ingemar Edsborn and Jonas Forsberg – all three Mynewsdeskers by day – come out of the lock-in deserved winners of the “Jury’s Choice” award.

“We’re exhausted and very pleased. We hadn’t written any code at all beforehand so we had to work the whole night,” says Ingemar.

“The pace and the pressure were high, but we had a great flow and we managed to stay focused,” says Jonny.

Their winning idea, Silar, is a dashboard that visualizes real-time data with the help of sounds, colors, and contrasts.

“It’s an audio-topological dashboard that can be used in environments or situations where optical reading of data is limited. It can also be used to create an exciting and atmospheric background in public places,” says Jonas.

“It was surprising, yet fun that the jury decided to award an idea that stood for innovation, rather than some of the other more business-oriented ones,” says Ingemar.

Among the other contributions, a wide range of ideas could be found, such as SMS-based alerts for stock market tip-offs and a website where citizens can participate in parliamentary voting.

Another Mynewsdesk employee was among the competitors. David Billskog, together with his teammates, presented an app to arrange any kind of tournament or game, as well as manage everything from order of play and results.

With the Jury’s Choice prize safely in their hands, all that remains is to see if Silar will also take home the Audience Award later this year. We’ll let you know!