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Mynewsdesk knows what's going on - PR, marketing and communications trends 2012

News   •   Dec 09, 2011 08:41 EST

What will shape our businesses, our industry, and our way of working in 2012? Mynewsdesk sat down and had a long, hard look at the PR,marketing and communications trends that will emerge next year.

It took us hours, days - weeks even. There was a lot of research, a lot of talking. And a lot of writing. But in the end, we managed to boil down what we believe will be the trends that shape the world of PR, marketing and communications in 2012.

We've published the trends in two different posts on our blog. Come have a look!

Trends 2012 part 1.

Trends 2012 part 2. 

The trends were presented by Jonathan Bean, COO at Mynewsdesk, during the three-day Mynewsday conference. His and other presentations can be viewed in the Mynewsdesk newsroom.