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Mynewsdesk is Proud to Announce a Partnership with CareerFuel™- America’s Mentor

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2012 03:18 EST

CareerFuel has chosen Mynewsdesk as its new press site. Working with Mynewsdesk makes it easier to share relevant material with not only US based media but also key influencers around the world.

 CareerFuel strives to be a part of the solution to the problem of employment in the United States. The passion and dedication of the CareerFuel Team is contagious and we are looking forward to a long lasting working relationship in the future. Their mission is to assist Americans with achieving their career goals, and as a result strengthen families, communities and the country as a whole.

 CareerFuel offers a “one-stop shop” for the information needed to secure a new job or start a business.  They have positioned themselves as “America’s Mentor”, by providing regularly updated employment-related information, blogs, videos and success stories. Mynewsdesk will help them achieve that goal.

 I had the opportunity to interview AnnMarie McIlwain, the Founder and CEO of Careerfuel, about how she plans to use CareerFuel’s Mynewsdesk platform.

 1. How do you use or how will you use MND in your work?

CareerFuel will use the MND platform to introduce journalists to our exciting, new site, created to help solve the jobs crisis. 

 2. What are the challenges in public relations work specific to your industry?

 Today there are fewer journalists and more press releases and social media messaging than every before.  They need technology that makes it easy for them to find the information that is relevant to their beat.  

 3. How does the use of MND help you to meet those challenges?

 As a multi-faceted platform, MND gives us the opportunity to be useful to journalists.  We can offer content that is value add and not just commercial.  The MND network also offers an easy way for journalists to regularly access information about unemployment and startups--particularly suitable to CareerFuel given the urgency of the jobs crisis.

 4. What MND function is your favorite and why?

 We like the comprehensiveness of your site, making it easy for journalists to find the information they are seeking.  As a content business this is a great service for journalists.

 5. Would you recommend other companies in the US start using Mynewsdesk?

Absolutely!  We already are. 

 Mynewsdesk is really excited about working with CareerFuel because it will make it easier for CareerFuel to share relevant information with everyone.

 Although we are a European-based company, we appreciate that the jobs crisis has significantly affected our continent as well.  In supporting CareerFuel, we are demonstrating our capability across continents and hoping that the economic gains are contagious.  

 At CareerFuel’s new press site, anyone will be able to download press material, read blogs, watch videos- basically access all their material in one place.  People will even have the chance “follow” CareerFuel and receive the most up-to-date material delivered straight into their inbox.

 When it comes to finding jobs and starting businesses there is no lack of material available today. The challenge is finding a resource that “takes the work out of finding work” and is a regularly updated resource that will provide the most relevant information.

 It is my pleasure to welcome CareerFuel to the Mynewsdesk Family!

 For more information visit the CareerFuel Pressroom at:

 CareerFuel- America's Mentor

 Kyana Hansson

Business Development Manager


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