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News   •   Jan 26, 2016 02:04 EST

Dear players of RS! Invention has come out, have you bought enough rs3 gold cheap for this elite skill? Do you know the real meaning of invention? Whether the invention is a difficult elite skill or not? Well, we would like to offer you some useful information in order to let you train the skill smoothly & efficiently. Just enjoy it!

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Whether the invention is a difficult elite skill or not?

If you take the invention skill for granted, you're really underestimating the complexity of Invention. Usually 200k/hr with 36m needed for 99 is insane for a skill that will already be a massive runescape 3 cheap gold sink. Besides, construction is a gold rs3 sink and its rates can get staggeringly high. Thus, if you’re planning to train this elite skill efficiently, cheapest rs3 gold will help you a lot in playing the game.

Do you know the real meaning of invention?

Although, you may know something about Invention, have you really got to know what it is indeed? Maybe, you don’t understand why it is so complicated about this elite skill: take apart your shit, make some gizmos with effects with what you get, put the good ones on your gear, use the gear, dissasmble your gear for a lot of xp or use a thingy to get half the xp and keep your gear. So, basically speaking, invention is equal to slayer + divination, get loot from slayer, get energies from divination, augment weapons for slayer, slay until energy runs out/max weapon level, siphon XP and repeat til comp.

Have you gathered enough rs3 cheap gold for this elite skill?

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