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News   •   Dec 02, 2015 22:57 EST

With new zones, tons of quests and others, "Legion" expansion pack is about bring some huge visual upgrade for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game "World of Warcraft."
While gamers were busy in discussing about the upgrades and other features coming out with "Legion," many of them have forgotten the massive change in the visuals that is going to take place.

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Blizzard Entertainment unveiled that players would now be able to see farther spaces across the zones by increasing the draw distances. An alpha test copy of "Legion" has been seen going around for a while. A reddit user actually released some screenshots that are expected to come out with the "World of Warcraft: Legion," and the comments have been limited to superb, stunning and massive.

Gnome Hunters would be a new race that will be featuring in the "World of Warcraft Legion" update. To access a close section of Gnomeregan, the gamer was required to create a special punch card, as testified by those who had managed to play the alpha version of "World of Warcraft."

Production Director of Blizzard Entertainment John Hight expressed that a lot of efforts have been put in developing and revamping animations of the game, making it more responsive. "A lot of experimentation has been done with Legion, with visuals, animations and sound effects, which have come great," he stated.

He also added that "Legion" would make the combat-feel more visceral to the players, making them more engrossed or involved. Hight also expressed that Blizzard Entertainment is looking forward to improve the game based on how the gamers would respond.

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