A guide to Level up Quickly in WoW and get cheap wow gold with 8% off

News   •   Dec 17, 2015 03:42 EST

Recently we summarized some good tips about how to level up fast in world of warcraft, which come from various wow players. But with these tips, all of them have increased to most high level in each class with least time. So if you want to increase level of your character, have a try. In addition, you can buy wow gold here, wowtoes always provide customers cheapest wow gold and fast delivery.

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Here are the 8 vital tips that you need to know about wow class level:

1. Have lots of bags, which can help you to save a lot of time as you don't have to go back and sell all the time.
2. Stack up on consumables like potions, food and water. Thus you don't need to waste time to buy it in quest.
3. Join a guild which is level 6 or higher, to get the fast track perk. Then you will gain 10 % increase in XP.
4. Find the spec that's the best at leveling for your class.
5. Heirloom items will give you experience to gain bonuses and will cut down leveling time tremendously.
6. Loot or don't loot. If you are a rich player you probably won't need to loot everything.
7. Many players prefer to solo when leveling their characters, but consider using the dungeon finder or group up with friends or other players as it can yield a lot of quick XP.
8. Getting a RAF account, which will award you with 3x XP and leveling up to level 80 can be done in a few hours.

Now try to use these tips to level up in wow game. And for further more useful ways or strategies about world of warcraft, you can get it from wowtoes. Moreover, you can buy wow gold safe here which is a very reliable wow gold supplier.

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