Air Charter Heading into Peak Demand Period

News   •   Dec 19, 2013 06:14 EST

Expect to see Avinode demand peak as we head into the holiday season. The value of all requested trips in the system skyrockets during the holidays as travelers gravitate towards larger aircraft for leisure trips both near and far. 

According to Avinode data the strongest request period for heavy jets, during a normal year, typically begins the second week of December culminating in a peak around the second of January before entering into a decline that lasts through the first week of February.

Trips requested during this period range from transatlantic journeys to shorter intracontinental jumps. The Alps are a popular destination for Europeans during the holiday season, when the cities of Chambery, Geneva and St Moritz top the most popular destinations list on the continent. On the other side of the Atlantic, the interest of U.S. domestic travellers appears to be split between skiing and warmer weather pursuits for the holiday season. Aspen tops the list of most popular holiday destinations for domestic travelers, with Las Vegas and Miami rounding out the top three.

Transatlantic trips also increase in popularity this time of year. November and December are second only to the summer months of July and August in transatlantic request numbers. Most travelers departing Europe take off from the United Kingdom, France or Switzerland, while those departing the United States most frequently travel from airports in and around New York, Miami or Los Angeles.