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Android version of DBT Self-help

News   •   Nov 21, 2011 11:00 EST

The Android version of the DBT Self-help app is scheduled to be released before christmas along with a new skill group and some needed updates. The Android version will be an exact duplicate with the same features and functions, making the powerful skills available to thousands of people needing effective tools to cope and thrive in life.

"Ever since the DBT Self-help app was released we´ve received pleas to make it available to Android as well, some even considerd it unfair that it was not released to both systems at start." - Andreas Nordlund, Developer.

Validation skills will be added along with the new version as it is an effective and loving way to acknowledge and make sense of what is happening and how you are experiencing it. We all need to feel validated and we can increase that feeling by validating ourselves and understand others by validating them.

"We have had difficulties with Ipad in the first version but that has been solved through an update that will come within days - it is a constant process of tuning and working on the app to make it as effective as it can be." - David Waller, Programmer.

The DBT Self-help app is a great tool for people who struggle with overwhelming emotions and impulsive destructive behaviors but can be as useful to anyone who want to be more effective navigating through life. Dialectical Behavior Therapy was first designed to help chronic suicidal patients and those diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder (Emotionally unstable PD) but has been shown effective in other areas as well.

"After some time with the DBT-app in my phone I must say it is a fantastic tool for me to communicate with my patients around. Patients have a great, quick and easily accessible reminder of the skills, they can create their own lists of favorite skills and they get good tips on how to do everyday practice. The part on treating emotions with a combination of skills is very useful. I have been working with the skills for many years, but I am sure that the app will also make it easier for newer therapists to learn and feel secure with the skills faster.

I highly recommend both DBT-therapists and patients to try this app out and find a personal way of using it!"

Elizabeth Malmquist Psychologist working with DBT Sweden,