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Automotive Turbochargers Market Demand for Lighter Cars Pushes Sales

News   •   Aug 18, 2017 16:52 EDT

Automotive Turbochargers Market are forced induction techniques that induces forced compressed into the vehicles combustion engine for added power. Turbochargers are generally prominent among diesel engines as this type of engine lack proper air required for combustion, thus depends upon a turbochargers to cope up with its drawbacks. Moreover a turbocharger even aids in reducing emission and provide better fuel efficiency. Rising emission norms and fuel efficiency standards is giving rise to the use of a turbochargers to comply with the norms.

Automotive turbochargers find its application in a number of vehicle segments such as heavy commercial vehicle (HCV), light commercial vehicles (LCV), passenger cars, sports cars and off-highway vehicles. Passenger cars holds the leading market share among the segments. Based on the technology type the automotive turbochargers market is segmented into twin turbo, variable geometry technology and wastegate technology. Variable geometry technology (VGT) turbochargers held the prime market share in 2015, with the increasing popularity of turbochargers with low turbo lag is basically going to drive the variable geometry technology turbochargers during the forecast period from 2016 – 2024. Additionally the, global automotive turbochargers is divided into fuel type which includes gasoline and diesel. In terms of end users, the global automotive turbochargers market is bifurcated into original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket.

Turbochargers were first introduced for diesel engine to deliver higher power output, less emissions and increase fuel efficiency as diesel engines were generally used in commercial vehicle. After gaining importance in diesel engines’, turbochargers are also being favored to increase engine efficiency for gasoline engines. Automotive turbochargers market has huge scope and opportunity in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America in countries such as India, China, Japan and Brazil among others. Rising penetration of turbocharged gasoline engine in Asia Pacific and turbocharged diesel cars in Latin America region is going to drive the automotive turbochargers.

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The major drivers driving the global automotive turbochargers market includes rise in adoption of engine downsizing, and increasing emission and fuel efficiency standards is going to drive the market throughout the forecast period. Engine downsizing improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency just because they can achieve higher power output with a smaller engine cylinder that utilizes less fuel intake at the time of combustion. Thus the above mentioned reason of downsizing a vehicle’s engine is going to drive the market for automotive turbochargers during the forecast period from 2016 – 2024.

The competitive profiling of the key players in the global automotive turbochargers market across four broad geographic regions is included in the study. These include different business strategies adopted by the leading players and their recent developments as in the field of automotive turbochargers. The value chain analysis of the market has been provided in the report, in order to offer a deep insight of global automotive turbochargers market.

Global Automotive Turbochargers : Research Methodology

A comprehensive analysis of the market dynamics that is inclusive of market drivers, restraints and opportunities is included in the purview of the report. Market dynamics are the factors which impact the market growth, thereby helping to understand the ongoing trends of the global market. Therefore, the report provides the forecast of the global market for the period from 2016 to 2024, along with offering an inclusive study of the automotive turbochargers. Moreover additional comparison of naturally aspirated engine versus a turbocharged engine and different emission and fuel efficiency norms set up by organizations from all around the World is going to give a better understanding about the penetration of global automotive turbochargers in vehicles.