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News   •   Apr 11, 2016 05:51 EDT

Hello, Runescape players! Recently, Runescape made a update for DMM barrage/freezes. Do you want to cast spells from your spellbook as soon as possible? Here, RS3gold offers cheap DMM gold with best service. We provide fastest delivery system, incluuding full stock of gold, various contact ways, various payment methods and face to face trade.

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We are trying our best to ensure all DMM Gold for sale on RS3gold are always full stock. So that we can deliver your products as quickly as possible.

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The Live Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After you have successfully placed your order, the 24/7 Live Help will help you receive your products as soon as possible.
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We support various safe payment methods, such as PayPal , Paysafecard , Western Union and so on. You can choose the most convenient payment method to pay for your products. It can also save lots of time.

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After you have purchased your gold, we will deliver the goods to you in game within 10 minutes via face to face trade. We will whisper to you in the game and then trade you the products directly. The only thing you need to do is to come to the intended place waiting for the gamer.

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