Future Healthcare Story

Both delivery of drug and hyperthermia in cancer can now be done by Magnetically Controlled Microbots

News   •   Sep 26, 2019 01:44 EDT

One of the latest technologies to have been developed is microdegradable microbots by researchers in daegu gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. The microbots they have developed are equipped to deliver drugs and provide treatment of hyperthermia at the location of a tumor, all the while being magnetically controlled.

These microbots can be activated when they are at proximity to the tumor. They are biodegradable as they are constituted of polymer which biodegradable and full of magnetic nanoparticles and drug encapsulated for chemotherapy.

Researchers everywhere are in attempts to develop nanosystems that can deliver drugs directly to the site of a tumor given the ill effects of chemotherapy. In such a scenario, hyperthermia treatments are gaining more encouragement as they administer heat directly to the tumor killing the cells that are within the tumor. The loophole however with hyperthermia is that challenge of delivering the heat with restriction to ensure the nearby healthy tissues are safe and intact.

The newly developed microbots get activated when they reach the tumor’s location rather than affecting the entire body of the patient. An alternating external magnetic field at the tumor site induced by an electromagnetic actuation system facilitated the generation of heat by the researchers from the nanoparticles that are present in the microbots. In conclusion; providing a hyperthermic effect, but locally. By applying a rotating magnetic field it is possible to even control the locomotion of these microbots.

The chemotherapeutic drug that has been encapsulated experiences an increase in its diffusion rate due to the heat generated by the magnetic nanoparticles. In order to ensure utmost efficacy, the drug release profile and hyperthermic effect can be tuned tightly by the researchers by opting for the type of magnetic field in accordance.