Brake Performance

Brake Performance

News   •   Nov 25, 2010 05:13 EST

Brake Performance Rust Prevention

Dan (New Castle, Pennsylvania)

Bought Premium Performance Rotors for my wifes 06 Chevy Uplander because Chevy could not provide OEM rotors that would not warp. Have had them on for about 8 months now and NO WARPING. Finally a company who truly makes a product they claim to make.. and one in the USA. Have recently bought rotors for my daughters 99 Camry and plan to buy some for my BMW when they need replacing. PS. Amazed at the stopping speed with these rotors.

Fits all OEM applications for a perfect fit
X-Ray inspected
Meets and exceeds Federal Safety Standards required for new vehicles
Brake drums are made of iron and have a machined surface on the inside where the shoes make contact.