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News   •   May 20, 2016 05:27 EDT

It is really troublesome for players to pay for RS 3 gold on online trading store. On the one hand, the procedure of some payment methods like Western Union is very tedious. On the other hand, it is disturbing to confirm personal information again and again. What is worse, with personal information confirmed and shared, it will make the bank information of customers the potential dangerous situation. Now RS3gold provides PayPal method for RS players to get rid of all these troubles.

Why pay for RS 3 gold by PayPay on RS3gold?

Paying RS 3 gold by PayPal on RS3gold is a good way to get out of the dilemma. For one thing, RS3gold is a reliable and trusted online site with many years experience in Runescape gold trading and has imposed strict rules in regards to the disclosing or selling of any client information, on which any offenders will be charged and prosecuted in court for breach of trust. For another thing, PayPal is the safest and most convenient payment method, which is supported by most countries. Paying by PayPal is without email confirmation, phone confirmation or personal information asked.

How to buy cheap RS 3 gold by PayPal quickly and safely?

Step 1: Place your RS 3 gold order on RS3gold
After adding enough RS 3 gold to shopping cart, just click “Proceed to Checkout" to be on billing page. Then fill in the required information and choose the PayPal method. Next, click “Place order now” .
Step 2: Pay your RS 3 Gold with PayPal
Now customers arrive at the page as below and are presented with the option to login with an existing account or create an account.

Without PayPal account, it is necessary for customers to create one. Then it can be paid with debit or credit card, or with PayPal Credit

Please note that PayPal protects customers’ card and bank account information. RS3gold does not have access to this information and can not charge any card or bank account on its own accord.
Step 3: Delivery in 3 to 10 minutes
The last step customers need to do is contact 24/7 Live Chat Help who will guide customers complete the delivery as soon as possible. Then delivery team will contact the display name and deliver RS 3 gold in safe and swift manner. Usually, customers may receive their RS3 gold in 3 to 10 minutes.

Only 3 steps and few finger clicks, customers can get RS 3 gold safely and quickly without any information confirmed. It is even unnecessary for players to leave comfortable chair to go on their runescape legendry with enough cheap and safe RS 3 gold in stock.

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