Coming releases of Incentive during 2013

News   •   Feb 18, 2013 10:27 EST

Incentive was released in version 2.6 in November 2012, and this spring will contain a whole lot of different goodies for our dear Incentive-users.

Import your data from ScrewTurn Wiki to Incentive

In March, we aim to release Incentive 2.6.X - which will bring the much sought-after ScrewTurn Wiki Import Tool for Incentive. ScrewTurn Wiki is a popular free wiki software, but is now discontinued - all owners of a ScrewTurn Wiki-installation will be able to import all of their wiki data to Incentive.

This will not alter your original ScrewTurn Wiki-installation in any way; it's still there safe and sound. But as soon as you start using Incentive, we doubt that you will ever want to go back.

Tree view is back!

With Incentive 2.4, we wanted to simplify the handling of wikis - and so the old tree view disappeared. Wikis in general does normally not support the tree view structure, but since many have been in touch with us and wished the old tree view back - we have decided to put it back as an optional feature.

Release 2.7 will bring back the tree view to Incentive this spring. We also plan on including a free Yammer Import Tool for Incentive, for users who want to import data from Yammer to Incentive. More information about this will follow.
Incentive 3.0 - Better, faster - and included in the Upgrade Subscription

The great release of 2013 will be Incentive 3.0. Not only will it bring dozens of new features; it will also be rebuilt from its very core.

For Incentive users who are members of our Upgrade Subscription (which is built into most licenses) - all new Incentive releases are offered without extra costs.
If you have got any questions regarding Incentive or our different releases, please contact our support.

How do I get Incentive?

Install Incentive from Windows Web App Gallery:

Install Incentive from Microsoft Azure:

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