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Creative Biogene Updates Its Product Line with Several Products

News   •   Oct 18, 2016 22:40 EDT

“through several months of test, scientists in Creative Biogene finally developed these products successfully. And we all believe that these products will be very popular after put into market.” said Dr. Petter, senior scientist in Creative Biogene.

Gene synthesis

As long as its development, it has been welcome by a majority of customers. In addition to this, Creative Biogene has organized a promotion activity on gene synthesis service with 20% off. As for this service, Creative Biogene has extensive experience many species’ DNA. Gene synthesis in Creative Biogene has several items, including Codon Optimization, synthesis of genes of interest with or without tags, cloning the target sequence into a standard vector, sub-cloning synthetic gene into a vector of interest and amplification of specific cDNA and then cloning into a standard vector.

Phagemid vector

Phagemid vector in Creative Biogene are filamentous-phage-derived. And it was developed based on the large demands from the market and customers. In Creative Biogene, this product has a wide range of applications, including the study of high-throughput screening of protein-protein interactions, selection of proteins with specific binding properties, development of affinity matrices, as well as the common enzyme inhibitor screening and ligand screening.

The last one is seamless cloning kit

Seamless cloning kit is utilized to assist research personnels to streamline research and workflow. What’s more, considering its specificity, scientists have developed hundreds of clones in high efficiency. And it can help researchers to clone two or more PCR fragments simultaneously and directionally. Its advantages are lying in no restriction digest of the DNA fragments, digesting or synthesizing backbone vector by PCR, fewer step and fast turnaround time, and detecting multiple DNA fragments.

“with advanced technologies and experienced scientists, Creative Biogene is committed to delivering more and more helpful and valuable products and services for our customers. These products should be the most proper symbolization of this task.” Said Dr. Petter.

As a leading supplier in kits and reagents and other services, Creative Biogene has the ability to be of your best assistance.