Creative with the company logo

News   •   Nov 24, 2011 03:20 EST

Scalado is all about imaging and innovation, and Scalado’s logotype is all about that; pixels, colors and creativity in all dimensions.  Normally a company shouldn’t change or play around with the company at all, at any time, however since we’re a creative imaging company we’ll do just that on special occasions.

At our office we have played around with our logo and re-make it in different situations. We have posted some of them at Flickr and Facebook for you to have a look at. You might even get some ideas of things we could make our logo in to. Some other companies that to it more frequently is Google, Electronic Arts.

We also have a variety of animates versions of our logo, but right now they can only be seen at our office entrance. So if you want to see our logo play “air hockey”, dance to music or play “Space invaders” you should check it out.

If you have any suggestions just mail us (, we’re looking forward to see your creativity!