Engadget gets a sneak peek of Scalado's Rewind at Computex 2011

News   •   Jun 07, 2011 08:26 EDT

Qualcomm showcased Scalado's Rewind at Computex 2011 and Engadget got a sneak peek of the next generation mobile imaging products.

Myriam Joire at Engadget writes about Scalado's Rewind:
"While flying cars are still a pipe dream, other technologies are quickly transitioning from the stuff of sci-fi movies into the very tangible realm of reality. This was definitely the case at the Qualcomm booth here at Computex where we got to experience two interesting new technologies -- zero shutter lag and the ultrasonic pen. What if when you pressed the shutter button on your phone the camera captured 2 frames before, one frame during, and 2 frames after that instant? That's the idea behind Scalado's zero shutter lag, which speeds up the process of taking pictures on a phone by letting the camera continuously sample images and allowing the user to create a composite shot from the content available in up to 5 frames."

Mat Smith at Recombu explains Rewind's functionality:
"Developed by Scalado the phone then processes the five images, and you’re able to select several images to fuse together. This should put an end to shut-eyed friends in group photos".

Check out Engadget's video of Scalado's Rewind below: