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News   •   May 25, 2016 03:51 EDT

Intro to Seer Sage

I make no bones about it: I love Sages. From the first one I ever created (now known as "Dianiss") it's been hands-down my favorite class. It's the only Jedi with range, it's the only Jedi who can heal, plus the Consular class story is the very best one in HAHAHAHHAHA sorry, I couldn't finish that sentence with a straight face.

But my point is that I've been playing this class continuously since 2012 and I've been studying it intently the entire time. I hope that some of the things I've learned along the way can be of benefit to others.

I should also point out up front that this is strictly a PvE guide. I am not a PvP-er, mainly because I just don't really enjoy it, and I could never claim to be an expert on PvP healing. To those of you who DO enjoy PvP, I'm sure there are some things here that will benefit you, but Your Mileage May Vary.

Changes in Version 4.0
Version 4.0 came along and, for the most part, flipped it right back in to easy-mode like it was in 3.0, due in part to another minor reshuffling of the amount of healing done and the Force cost of the various abilities. It otherwise made no real changes whatsoever to how the class is played.

On the other hand, 4.0 made HUGE changes to stats and gearing for all classes and specs.

Beyond play mechanics, the changes to Crit/Surge in 4.0 completely flipped the gearing strategy on it's head (as it did for EVERY DPS and healing class/spec). More on that below.

Taken together, the increased Crit in the gear further contributed to making Force management easier (because you could use Healing Trance without Rejuvenate and still have a good chance at getting Resplendence procs without it).

Sages have always been good at TRIAGE, which is the term I use to describe focused single-target healing for that Blue Valkyrie is about to die moment when it's YOUR job to get her back to (nearly) full health–and be damn quick about it! (But don't shoot the potion.)

There are also numerous subtle side-effects of your heals that improve your overall performance, and being aware of them and knowing how to leverage them deliberately is big part of overcoming your weaknesses.

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