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Expert's take on Mortgage Processing Services

News   •   Oct 27, 2016 08:13 EDT

Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & London (Business Network)—16 years ago when Suma Soft started offering end-to-end mortgage processing services, the team of IT experts had predicted epic demand for the same in the next decade. Today, with over 350+ underwriting team that is headed by Mortgage processing experts with minimum 100 man years of experience, Suma Soft has gathered first-hand expertise in mortgage processing services. When asked about how the team feels about the forthcoming years to come, here’s what they say:

“Businesses are more than ever conscious about their service quality as customers have the widest array of options and competition is on its greatest intensity ever. Companies are trying hard to correct any glitches in mortgaging procedures, be it timely loan application, follow-ups, secure underwriting, etc. In this scenario, outsourcing mortgage processing services to an experienced tech-partner seems to be the most obvious way of securing advantage against competitors.”

Going by the current situation, experts are suggesting companies to streamline their mortgage processing services before the dawn of 2017. Let’s see why…

1) Efficient mortgage processing services can enhance your business productivity by 200%. This means that you can achieve much higher profits at lower costs.

2) More than half of mortgage processing errors occur at the stage of origination. If you partner with an experienced team, this can save you most of the follow-up rectification efforts.

3) Performing a comprehensive review of the appraisal report and all supporting property documentation is critical to mortgage processing. Evaluating the application, supporting credit, income, and asset documentation can help you reduce cost and TAT by 4x.

4) To meet the exceeding demand of loan and mortgage services, you need to scale up your team and improve efficiency. This involves expert managerial skills.

5) Mortgage processing requires 24x7 assistance. Having a back-office support even during odd hours will only help in increasing your business efficiency.

6) By streamlining mortgage processing services through a trusted vendor, you can rest assured of all the loan guidelines issued by governing authorities.

7) Above all, the positive prospects of economic growth will push conventional mortgage processing methods and those who are prepared for the future will be the winners.

Suma Soft has created a special team of experts to look into mortgage processing services for companies in USA and Canada. Their area of expertise spreads across Initial Disclosures & Loan Estimates to performing tax, insurance, and reserve audits. With a scalable 350+ member mortgage team, Suma Soft undertakes mortgage processing services with remarkable expertise and excellence.

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