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Facebook, WhatsApp Sued by Blackberry over Messaging Technology

News   •   Mar 07, 2018 05:38 EST

BlackBerry, a previous messaging powerhouse, is suing Facebook, a present messaging powerhouse, for copyright encroachment, as per a claim recorded in U.S. Region Court in California. BlackBerry asserts that Facebook "made versatile messaging applications that co-select BlackBerry's advancements," and refer to various licenses that cover things like messaging security and notifications. The organization additionally says that Facebook is utilizing its IP in some of its items, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

In an announcement from Facebook's Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal, Facebook expelled BlackBerry's cases and guaranteed to battle.

BlackBerry, established in 1987, pulled in $1.7 billion in income in 2017. Facebook, established in 2004, outperformed $40 billion in income a year ago. In the event that you haven't been staying aware of BlackBerry as an organization, it has wagered its eventual fate of self-driving and associated auto innovation. A year ago, it collaborated with Qualcomm on that innovation, and it's likewise working with Chinese tech mammoth Baidu to grow more. BlackBerry likewise still makes new telephones, similar to the BlackBerry Motion. In the meantime, Facebook keeps on running the world's biggest social organizations and has attempted to never again crush majority rules system.

The claim starts by abridging and arranging Blackberry as a "main trailblazer in the field of portable interchanges for as long as 30 years, having put generous entireties into innovative work of correspondences advances." The choice for BlackBerry to choose to sue so late into the strength of Facebook and its system of applications is astounding.

Facebook has replicated various contender items previously, from Foursquare check-in to Snapchat facial features and Stories. Be that as it may, the tech business develops so rapidly and organizations acquire such a large number of ideas from each other that generally these "copycat" items do not justify a costly, drawn-out fight in court.

Be that as it may, that may be what BlackBerry is searching for here. The organization is by all accounts utilizing it’s a huge number of licenses as a sort of plan of action. A year ago, BlackBerry sued Nokia for patent encroachment, and won more than $800 million of every a settlement with Qualcomm.