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Facebook’s Onavo Releases and Deletes User Data Collecting App

News   •   Mar 12, 2018 08:05 EDT

Facebook released another application this week, which like a large number of their items, existed for the most part to gather client information and bundle it up for Facebook.

The application, called Bolt App Lock, and is made by a similar organization behind the disputable VPN service Onavo Protect. The application was launched on March 5, and was live until the evening of March ninth. After it got negative consideration, Facebook pulled the application, saying it was "a little, brief test."

The application cases to secure any application on a telephone utilizing a bar code; the thought being that if your telephone is by one means or another stolen while the screen is opened, the criminal won't have the capacity to open your managing an account application or email application or whatever other application that contains delicate data you wouldn't need others to see.

It's not a unique thought though, and to be honest, the whole idea appears somewhat extreme.

The issue is that, while Bolt App Lock may do precisely what it asserts, its actual reason has all the earmarks of being gathering information on its clients to additionally satisfy Facebook's unpleasant need to recognize what everybody is doing constantly.

In the event that you utilize Onavo's applications, Facebook will gather your own data, including what applications you've introduced and what sites you visit. Truth be told, Onavo seems to gather information on its clients even when the app is closed.