game one piece: New Costumes, New Movesets, Gun-Slinging Shanks And Ace

News   •   May 17, 2016 04:14 EDT

So far, these are the spoilers for One Piece chapter 825. Also, another way a Supernova war could happen is if game one piece betrays Luffy's alliance and these ideas are simply speculation and it if Kidd's goal is still to defeat Shanks, then it's unlikely that he would ever be recruited as an ally by Luffy, reports the same post.

Although Vito did not say that Sora was a real being, some of the fans believed that he existed, at least in the One Piece world, and that more backstories about him might be featured in chapters beyond One Piece chapter 826. The upcoming chapter will definitely create hype for every fan of the manga, especially for those who want to know more updates about Black Leg Sanji. The Yonko's stronghold apparently had an Alice-In-Wonderland theme, where fans would see soldiers carrying spears with spades or hearts. But, according to the manga's editor, creator Eiichiro Oda isn't yet close to finishing the series. One Piece Chapter 826 is expected to be release on May 19,2016. If the man with 'swirling eyebrows' will really be Sanji's brother, there is a higher possibility that he also has the same character of his brother. For one, it appears Lola from the Thriller Bark Arc has reappeared, or at least someone heavily reminiscent to her, physically. Now, fans over at Reddit observed how Big Mom's territory and ship are all animated beings. With the Navy after Trafalgar, which is a reasonable enough compromise overall for the situation, there's some good tension building up and we see the various groups that are now looking out for Luffy and the gang to prevent things from going horribly wrong for them.
This mix of fighters will give you a taste of many aspects of gameplay: Logia powers, giant transformations, Haki abilities and more, Bandai Namco says.

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