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News   •   Feb 24, 2016 04:22 EST

Dear players of SWTOR! Are you concerning about the consequence of abusing of GSF in Conquest recently? What to do with PUGs in SWTOR? What do you think of Conquest? So, if you want to know more about it, please come to swtor2credits where you can get the latest news while taking part in the 50% big sale for 1000M cheap swtor credits at 03:00 AM on February 26, 2016.

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PUGs are the worst example of human social interaction, the more competitive the game is, the more toxic the experience gets. If you want to tackle this problem, the only way is to make friends or join guilds of likeminded players, which will influence those people who rush through everything without waiting to pick up loot or giving others the chance to heal up.

Many players who wish to fly in GSF to quit queues have been forced out of this game by this event of those due to players who abuse of GSF in conquest. They do it in the death match mode most prominently and just rack up the score, in that way, the match ends swiftly and then they just continue this. Generally speaking, those gamers will do it ruins the game for others. And if you have an interest in this thing, you can come to swtor2credits to read some recent information while joining in the 50% big sale for 1000M cheap swtor credits activity at 03:00 AM on February 26, 2016 to enjoy SWTOT to the max!

Conquest is a good amount of Credits per characterfor just capping your Conquest, the credits for actually doing stuff like Warzones or Flashpoints is not included. That is an extremely low rate of credits for the time invested and you can kill a few mobs and get that amount. If you are doing conquest for credits, so, someone will be needed to intervene and explain how the game works.

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