Get 60 days of unlimited users in Incentive

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 08:40 EDT

When you download the Trial Version of Incentive, you get 3 free users and complete functionality.

For some organizations, this is not quite enough - and therefore we have launched an option to require 60 days of unlimited users in order for you to try out Incentive on a larger scale.

All you have to do is install Incentive, the Trial Version, and click on the link below to get a new license key for your 60 days of unlimited users. When 60 days have passed, your Incentive-installation reverts back to the Trial Version with 3 users - unless you choose to acquire more users from within the account administration, of course.

Incentive can be installed from three different locations; Windows Web App Gallery, Windows Azure, or directly from our website at

As soon as you have installed Incentive and got your license key, you can get 60 days of unlimited users here:

But this is entirely up to you, of course - many realize the power of Incentive just by trying it out with the 3 free users :)


Install Incentive from Windows Web App Gallery:

Install Incentive in Microsoft Azure:

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