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News   •   Feb 25, 2016 03:58 EST

If you have used your augments and charged them to up to 10 hours taking about 400.000 charges, you may need to consider whether the 14.4m for 10 hours is abit overkill or not and will you be punished for augmenting items. Maybe, you might as well gather runescape gold 3 for your game improvements?

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You may ask how to make the most of your augments. Generally speaking, the 14.4m for 10 hours is abit overkill, which can help you become strong and finish your tasks in an easy way. But, if you were found to employ augments too frequently, severe punishments will be bestowed on you. So, the best way is to let a friend kill you in wild to remove the augment, and then receive the broken weapon or armor from your efforts. It is dangerous to do this thing because you trust your friend to give your items back. It works to some extent, but you will suffer some losses more or less. This kind of thing is also called trust trading.

If you are planning to get your items to be trade-able again and trust trade still, you can do it by droping or death trade. The condition is that you need to trust that someone doesn't take your item, because they absolutely can sometimes. In addition, if you want to make progress in a fast speed in runescape, you’d better buy runescape gold rs3 from the best rs 3 gold site. Guarantee has been made that you can receive cheapest runescape 3 gold and enjoys 100% security.

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