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News   •   Dec 24, 2015 03:54 EST

I am going to cover 5 different areas for the Marksman Specced Sniper: Survivability, Rotation Difficulty, Utilities, Ranked Teams/Reg Viability, and lastly DPS.

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Survivability: 7.5/10
As a sniper with high damage comes some squishy draw backs. A sniper should always be in cover, no matter what. When you're in cover you are uninterruptable and when you have entrench activated you cannot be stunned. The thing with sniper DCDs are that you need to know the best time to use them. As a sniper one thing you will need to master is positioning which I will go over in a detailed explanation later in the guide.

Covered Escape: Your roll will resist any damage while in the animation of it and .5 seconds after you land, therefor you must time it perfect to mitigate as much damage as possible. A good example of such mitigation would be when a Powertech throws his Thermal Detonator on you (during a powertech's rotation, they would usually Thermal Det, then gut, magnetic blast/rocket punch, then railshot, followed by an autocrit energy burst.) at the very last second of the Thermal Det before it explodes you want to roll, in hope to not only mitigate their Thermal det, but their Energy burst or railshot as well.

Shield Probe: Your shield probe is honestly one of the most useless defensive cooldowns known to Swtor. It will absorb around 4.5k-6k damage which is nothing. Use your shield probe off cooldown just to mitigate some damage.

Evasion: Evasion is a 3 second 100% chance to dodge all ranged and melee attacks. Not only does it give you 100% chance, but it also gives you 75% chance in resist tech and force attacks as well (In the Marksman Tree).

Rotation Difficulty: 4/10
The rotation for a marksman sniper is not difficult as long as you pay attention. The rotation is set in stone regardless of what situation you run into, unless you run into 5 people clumped therefore the rotation is – Suppressive Fire spam until you cry because you're out of energy.
PvP Viability
Regs 10/10: Anything is viable in Regular Warzones as long as you are good at it. Globalling people is always fun.

Team Ranked 9/10: Sniper is one of the first to picked in Gym class right beside Powertechs. Snipers have consistent single target pressure damage, followed by an insane auto crit ambush. Snipers have the potential to lone global an unguarded target. Snipers can be used in both Hardswap comps and Pressure Comps.
Solo Ranked 7.5/10: Sniper is hit or miss in Solo Ranked and it usually comes down to the individual player skill. If there are healers in Queue for Solo Ranked, Snipers are pretty unstoppable. If the teams are 4 Dps vs 4 Dps, it's a different story. In a 4 Dps vs 4 Dps match, snipers tend to be focused down first, and in which case, you need to be able to master the use of your DCDs. In that kind of match up you want to get off at least 1 autocrit ambush before dying. If you are left to free cast in any solo ranked match, you will wreak havoc onto the enemy team.

DPS: 8.5/10
The only reason that I did not rank it 10/10 is because snipers damage is all channeled aside from execute and followthrough. Therefore you have the chance to being Line of Sighted by an enemy player. So positioning is everything for this spec. But other than that, the DPS output of this class is second only to the Powertech and sometimes not even then. Your damage is very intense: Ambush (21-25k), Snipe (9-10k), Penetrating Blasts (4k a tick), Execute (10-13k), and Followthrough (9-11k).

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