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News   •   May 07, 2016 03:29 EDT

Mega May is underway and Mod Timbo is here to show you all that’s going on in Gielinor. Be sure to stick around for Mod Ramen’s look at upcoming boss pet overrides that will allow you to deck out your summoning familiars with the appearance of any boss pets you’ve unlocked!

Developer Q&A | Mega May

Looking for a more in-depth look at Mega May? Check out this developer Q&A in which Mod Kelpie takes you through the month of content ahead, including Meg’s cases and the fantastic bonus weekends.

May Weekend #1 | Port Skills

Enjoy the following bonuses as you get the most from player-owned ports. This first May weekend will end at 12:00 UTC on Monday 9th May:

Increased node spawn and double reward points in Runespan
Double chance to find relics, sceptre of the gods and Black Ibis gear in Pyramid Plunder
Enriched wisps spawn every 10 mins, instead of 20
Divination springs last twice as long
Fishing spots move half as often
Big Chinchompa base XP +50%
Agility course lap bonus XP +50%
Flatpacks are created in noted form
Cooking burn chances reduced by 5%
Chance to save a secondary ingredient with Herblore 2%
Remember, there are also month-long player owned ports bonuses until Monday 1st June at 23:59 UTC:

Ability to run 25 standard player-owned ports voyages per day (instead of the usual 15)
+30% normal Resources and Trade Goods
Surula special voyage available on Saturday and Sundays, as well as on Thursdays as per usual.
Enjoy the first May weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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