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News   •   May 16, 2016 05:38 EDT

Hello, new players in Swtor! Are you bored of being called a noob by other players in Swtor? Do you want to be a superior gamer in Swtor? Here, Swtor2credits will give you best advice for you to begin the game with a better start.

Stick with one character at a time
As a survey result, players who are playing multiple characters at the same time will got bored quickly. So, if you want to keep the game interesting, you need to stick with one character, enjoy the story and slowly understand some basic mechanics at a time. Also you can do some flashpoints as well, as they all bring some kind of stories. Some have an individual story, and some have a quest chain.

Ask in General chatto find a story group
If you want to join in a story group or a guild, you could just ask in General chat if anyone wants to team up for some story. But to join in a guild is a much better bet. As a good guild will be the best thing for you. Guilds will have mostly lvl65 people but you can find newbies too and well, lots of long time players still have some low level alts to level up. You could try joining an RP guild if you are more likely to find people for story in those guilds. But if you are very distant from RP itself, a PVE guild is a safer choice.

Recheck before purchase on cartel market
Make sure you know exactly what it is you're doing before making any purchase on the cartel market. You don't want to do something stupid like buying something that's irrelevant as a sub (or even worse, preferred) or something like a lvl 2 inventory slot for a single character.

Prepare enough swtor credits to buy enough
Once you have started playing Swtor and joined in a guild, you will need a large quantities of swtor credits to purchase in-game goods. So, before starting the game, you should buy enough cheap and safe swtor credits to make a good preparation for the game.

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