How to Get Analog Load Lifter Mount with Cheapest Swtor Credits?

News   •   May 24, 2016 05:42 EDT

Hello, Swtor players! Today BioWare announced that a new mount, Analog Load Lifter Mount is available to purchase in Cartel Market. It’s a pretty nice companion to speed up and protect you. Here, let Swtor2credits give you an overall introduction about it, and tell you the cheapest way to get one.

Increase movement speed by Speeder Piloting skill
The Analog Load Lifter Mount is an all terrain vehicle. It costs 0.5s cast for you to activate the mount. After you activate the Analog Load Lifter during fighting, it will increase your movement speed and offer excellent protection against being knocked off. However, the movement speed increases based on the rank of your Speeder Piloting skill. When your Speeder Piloting is in rank 1, the movement speed increases 90%. When your Speeder Piloting is in rank 2, the movement speed increases 100%. And when your Speeder Piloting is in rank 3, the movement speed increases 110%.

Activate flourish with flourish key
The Analog Load Lifter has no cooldown or restriction. But it can be with Flourish. You can use the Mount Flourish Key binding to activate this mount's flourish.

Get a mount with cheapest Swtor Credits
The Analog Load Lifter Mount is available to purchase in Cartel Market with the price of 50,000 swtor credits. It costs you a large number of swtor credits. But don’t worry, Swtor2credits offers cheapest swtor credits for all of you to enjoy SWTOR.
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