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Fletching is a great skill in RuneScape. It's fun, and a quick way to make money. If you just want to make money, arrows are the best bet, but remember, not all arrows can be used on F2P. Fletching is for members only, but all arrows up to and including adamant can be used on F2P. This guide will take you through the different types of fletching items you can make in the game, and will show you how and where to do it.

What is fletching? Well, fletching is a skill which allows you to make items used in ranging. The higher your fletching skill is, the more cool stuff you can make. You can make items such as bows, arrows, special bolts and darts.

The most important tool in fletching is a knife. These can be found many places in RuneScape. One place is just south of Lumbridge castle; there's one on the ground. There's also one in the Lumbridge Castle basement, in the Karamja general store, and in Seers' Village, south-west of the bank in the house with a sink. They are also sold in many stores (see knife in our Items database for a list of shops.)

Note: You can put a knife on your Toolbelt in order to save inventory space whilst fletching.

Making bows is fairly easy. All you have to do is cut some wood and use a knife on it. After using your knife on the log of wood you will have to choose to either make a short- or shieldbow. Then you will have an unstrung shortbow/shieldbow in your inventory instead of that log. To get a string for your bow, you'll have to do some crafting. Go to either the Gnome Stronghold or Seers Village and pick some flax, then go to a spinning wheel (can be found in both Stronghold and Seers) and spin your flax by using it with the wheel. You will now have a bowstring, which you just use on your unstrung bow, and VOILA! you have a bow all ready for use. If you have many bowstrings and unstrung bows, you can select "Make all" option after using string on bow, and it will automatically string all of your bows in your inventory.

Please note that the experience points (exp) are for a fully finished bow. If you want the exp for making an unstrung bow, divide the exp by 2 (example: You get 100 total exp for making a Maple Short, that's the same as 50 for making an unstrung bow, and 50 for stringing.)

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