Human Microbiome Market Size for Acute Diarrhea By Region 2022–2025

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The global human microbiome market is estimated to reach USD 899.1 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 21.1% during the forecast period (2022–2025).

Factors such as increased focus on human microbiome therapy, growing demand for human microbiomes as new validated targets for drug development, and the need for early disease detection and diagnosis are expected to drive the growth of the human microbiome market.

By product, the global human microbiome market is classified into probiotics, prebiotics, foods, medical foods, supplements, diagnostic devices, and drugs. The expectation that microbiome products, which will aid in the early-stage treatment of chronic diseases and various disorders, will be available in the market in the future is a key driver for the growth of this market. Other factors such as the rise in aging population, incidence of chronic health problems, and the need to cut healthcare costs will increase the adoption of microbiome-derived products. However, patent applications of microbiome-derived products will require clinical evidence and regulatory approvals; therefore, the promise of significant investment in this segment is uncertain.

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Human Microbiome Market, By Product
Medical Foods
Diagnostic Devices
Other Probiotic Supplements

Human Microbiome Market, By Application

Human Microbiome Market, By Disease
Acute Diarrhea
Autoimmune Disorders
Mental Disorders
Other Diseases

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13 Company Profiles

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13.1 Enterome Bioscience
13.2 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
13.3 Merck & Co., Inc.
13.4 Metabiomics Corporation
13.5 Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.
13.6 Microbiome Therapeutics, LLC
13.7 Osel, Inc.
13.8 Second Genome, Inc.
13.9 Vithera Pharmaceuticals
13.10 Vedanta Biosciences, Inc.

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