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News   •   Feb 22, 2016 04:53 EST

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It is believed that all SWTOR players want to beat down the boss to get rewards. Take Guardian - Force Push for an instance. Everybody may have knockbacks, but it'll be damned that if there's been anything more iconic to you about this class, then you have to use force push to solo the final fight of the JK story at launch and the force pushes enemies off of ledges and platforms, which actually can make enemies die from that and not just evade and leash back to their spawn point. In addition, translocate can be used to multiple target boss fights with tank swaps now. Though, it is not as quick as you thought, quickening will happen when you're in the mindset of dealing with a mechanic in advance, so you can throw a quick kolto infusion on whoever happened to confuse "get out of the bad" and "stay in the bad" makes sense.

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