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Military Footwear Market: Higher Demand Expected with Increasing Safety and Precautionary Measures in Defense Sectors

News   •   Jan 16, 2018 09:02 EST

The global military footwear market is prognosticated to attain growth while riding on a high demand gaining strength due to the increasing number of precautionary and safety measures in defense sectors. Transparency Market Research (TMR) foresees the market to make a strong progress in the coming years because of the growing popularity of the durability of products. Military footwear helps a soldier to survive and fight efficiently in battlefields. The soles of military footwear are strong enough and provide a solid grip to walk, run, or climb on challenging terrains. Titled “Military Footwear Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024,” a TMR report sheds light on other factors likely to improve growth in the near future.

A soldier could maneuver easily with the help of military boots that flaunt a light weight. The maneuverability and durability of military footwear are anticipated to create a whole lot of demand in the market. Soldiers could also work on heated and oiled surfaces without any hesitation as military boots are significantly resistant to heat and oil. On the negative side of the world military footwear market, there could be a slack in growth owing to the discouragement of the development of sophisticated products due to insufficient funds dedicated to the defense budget in some nations of the world.

Nevertheless, there could be plenty of business prospects prevailing in the world military footwear market on the back of several factors. One of the prominent ones could be the emergence of composite plastic toes introduced by military boot manufacturers. Composite plastic toes could help soldiers to withstand extreme shocks or even prevent them during military operations.

The combination of leather, nylon, and rubber used in the manufacture of boots could create scores of opportunities in the international military footwear market. Leather could protect the feet of soldiers in various environmental conditions. Nylon and rubber, on the other hand, could help in ventilation and providing comfort to soldier’s feet. Even nations with smaller army groups but facing a higher risk of terrorist attacks are expected to use a variety of military footwear due to its several advantages.

In the geographical point of view, North America is foreseen to secure a major share in the international military footwear market for the coming years. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, could be a faster-growing region of the market supported by aggressive research and development. The demand could be more in Japan, India, and China manufacturing a variety of leather, nylon, and rubber blended military boots. Other regions such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe are also predicted to offer opportunities in the market.

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On the basis of type, the international military footwear market could see a classification into magnum, parade ground, and combat military boots. Combat boots are extensively used during combat training and actual combats in the battlefields. The comfort and ventilation offered by combat boots are improved with the incorporation of nylon side panels. However, parade ground boots are only used for performing drill activities and marching and maintaining discipline in official military functions. Magnum boots are developed using materials of a higher quality to be used in drill activities as well as battlefields.

Some of the top companies operating in the worldwide military footwear market are China WestWarrior Company Ltd., Belleville Boot Company, and McRae Footwear.