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Mister Sandless

News   •   Nov 15, 2010 04:04 EST

Mr.Sandless Franchise LLC Refinisher

My floor has different shades. Can you blend these?

Yes! Please perform this simple test. Take a cloth and wet it. Rub the cloth over a small section of the floor. The moment the floor is wet, this is the color and tone your floor will be when our service is complete. Most floors are not stained a color. The color is achieved when a finish is applied, which brings out the natural tones and warmth of the floor boards. The color depends on the type of wood used. For blending purposes, please perform the wet test on an area where the different colors meet. If the two blend when wet, then the colors will blend with our service. If not, can you live with the slight color difference? Most people won’t notice. You can also use area rugs. Are you planning on using area rugs any way? If so, there is no reason you shouldn’t proceed with service. If someone sanded around an area rug, we can blend that out for you as well!

What can you do with pet stains?

Pet stains are common problems we see. These dark black marks often go all the way through so if the board is turned over, the stain will still be there. Whether you use our service or sand these stains, they normally won’t come out. The industry standard in this case is to recommend board replacement, unless you can hide the damaged sections of the floor with furniture or an area rug. In those cases, we will just proceed with our service. And if you’d like board replacement, we have master carpenters on staff to handle that for you. More on pet stains: Pet urine forms bacteria within 24 hours. The bacteria eats through the urethane and into the board, and continues on through the board until it turns dark and is ruined. We can also color the floor to hide the damage as well.

Mr.Sandless Franchise LLC Wood :Having beautiful hardwoods enhances the beauty of your home and increases the resale value. Whether you are maintaining or remodeling, call
GREEN MAGIC CARPET CLEANERS to refinish your hardwoods.It is a pretty simple process that does not cause you and your family to have to leave your homes for an extended period of time or get dust all over your lovely furniture. It's just four easy steps
The first step is to simply clean the room. GREEN MAGIC CLEANERS will dust all around the wood floor areas. This insures that no dust or grit falls on the newly refinished floors. Then we will sweep the floors until all dust an dirt is removed. We finish this step by putting down wood floor cleaner. This process consists of misting the floor with the cleaner and mopping it up.
Now we have to strip the floor of any wax and polyurethene that is on the floor.