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Oppenheim Law Review Article Goes Viral

News   •   Nov 02, 2011 16:04 EDT

Weston firm’s law review article goes viral

Articles written for law journals tend to be dry and rarely grab the attention of news organizations or the blogosphere. But a 30-page essay by the Weston-based Oppenheim Law firm on mortgage-backed securities has circulated from Hawaii to Vermont.

Roy Oppenheim and associate Jacquelyn K. Trask wrote the article for the Stetson Law Review’s spring 2012 issue. 

He announced it Oct. 24 on his website and circulated word about it on the PR Newswire over the next few days. 

Close to 200 news organizations, mostly television stations, republished the release, which also drew responses from consumer-based foreclosure bloggers.

Neal Garfield, blogger of LivingLies, wrote the article “explicitly articulates the basic problem with foreclosures today, as well as providing insight into the changing mortgage approval process.”

Was this a hot topic gone viral or a savvy public relations pitch? Oppenheim latched onto the “gone viral” theme in a YouTube video, but he does credit his news release for the exposure.

“The press release was picked up by hundreds of media outlets, including Yahoo Finance. It’s like throwing a bottle in the ocean. It travels around the world and it comes back,” he said. “I got the article re-sent to me five times from different list serves. It was rather humbling, I have to tell you.”

It may have helped that the otherwise scholarly, staid essay had a catchy title: “Deconstructing the Black Magic of Securitized Trusts.”